Our Mission

Southern Locally Grown is a group of family farms, ranches and gardens located in the South’s breadbasket for sustainable agriculture – the Oconee & Savannah River Valleys. The epicenter of this local agricultural movement is Athens, Georgia – the home of the University of Georgia. Athens became famous in the 1980’s for great music, but today the City is becoming well known as the local foods capital of Georgia and the South. Therefore we have based Southern Locally Grown’s headquarters in historic Madison, Georgia, which is located just a few miles south of Athens.

We serve you with a variety of pickup locations for your orders, including Lake Oconee, Georgia. We also have order pickup locations in Savannah, Georgia and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where we have family and friends. Because it is only natural for us to deliver our grower’s fresh and local fare to these coastal locations, we can also provide the added benefit of being able to offer you the best local seafood from fishing families that have sustainably harvested these Atlantic waters for generations. With Southern Locally Grown you get the best in local food from land and sea.

Our Growers

Each of our growers uses strict standards to ensure that everything produced is chemical-free. All member farms are dedicated to supplying their customers with the freshest and highest quality vegetables, herbs, mill products, dairy, eggs, meats, fruits, flowers, and transplants. Participating farms vary in size and specialty, but all carry the common thread of dedication to community, environment, health and education. To learn more about becoming a grower see details under the Q’s and A’s tab.

While not a true cooperative, Southern Locally Grown uses cooperative efforts to achieve steady and dependable means of supplying the highest quality produce and other products. We work to find new and innovative methods to preserve greenspace, protect our natural resources, support our local economy, provide meaningful work, and return to a more self-sufficient community life. Each farmer realizes the importance of educating the community about the benefits of sustainable agriculture practices to our lives and our land. Locally Grown member farms often dedicate a portion of their personal time to building gardens for their local communities as well as providing fun and informative educational programs for children and adults, including those with special needs.

Why Support Locally Grown?

We combine the efforts of our growers to market their produce to individuals and families, as well as to local restaurants and grocery stores. Southern Locally Grown is striving to provide you with distinctive food choice alternatives that are very different from Industrial Agriculture. We have consciously NOT adopted a definition of what it means to be “local” based on some arbitrary mileage number, even though all of our growers are located in Georgia and South Carolina. Instead we have adopted the definition of “local” that is used by Will Harris, the recent President of Georgia Organics, whose three-pronged definition guides our Locally Grown website as follows:

De-centralization: By purchasing produce and other items from local growers you are providing stability to your local economy through the support of local businesses and local employment.

De-commidification: You are buying direct from the farmer with no resellers, and no middlemen. You get the best fresh locally grown products, while the family farmer gets to receive the maximum percentage of your food dollar. American farmers typically receive just 11.6 cents of every dollar spent on food in the U.S., according to recent analysis from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

De-industrialization: Industrial agriculture relies on monoculture farming. Nature abhors this man-made contrivance, which leads to an increased reliance on pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and chemical fertilizers by industrial farmers. Buying locally makes you an invaluable link in the process of preserving farms that focus on multi-species production and saving natural resources such as fossil fuels and packaging materials in the process.

Finally, buying your food on Southern Locally Grown helps support a threatened way of American life known as the family farm. The number of small farms in the United States has decreased dramatically in the last decade. Please help us preserve an honest and worthy means of making a living.

“We believe small, diverse, family-owned farms contribute to society’s overall health and well-being.”

Membership Fees

To provide with farms tours, educational programs, and to help us with our overhead costs, we ask that you pay an annual membership fee of $35 per per calendar year. You are welcome to try us for two trial orders before you pay the membership fee. The website will automatically add the membership fee to your third order.

Ordering Options

Unlike other co-ops, buying clubs, or CSAs where everyone gets the same box of stuff (and you don’t know what you’re getting until you get it), with Southern Locally Grown you get to order what you want, in the quantities that you want, from the farms that you want. The weekly email lists the produce, milled products, fresh flowers, and artisan goods available that week, and you can browse the items on this website before you place your order.

Placing Orders

Each Sunday evening, a list of available products is sent to everyone with an account here by e-mail. Customers must place their order for the week any time after that email goes out, but no later than Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. Orders are placed here on our website.

Growers receive their orders that same night and harvest on Wednesday and Thursday.

Picking Up Orders

Lake Oconee – From 3:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Fridays at __________________ on Highway 44 near Reynolds Plantation. A map to our location can be found here.

Savannah – From 3:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Fridays at __________________ at _____________ in downtown Savannah. A map to our location can be found here.

Hilton Head Island – From 9:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. on Fridays at __________________ on Palmetto Bay Road just off the Cross Island Parkway. A map to our location can be found here

Gift Certificates are available! If you would like to purchase a gift of health and flavor, please consider a Locally Grown gift certificate. You can decide the amount and the lucky recipient can purchase locally grown produce without having to pay membership fees!

Sponsor a membership! If you would like to sponsor a membership for an individual or family, please contact us.

Still have questions? Please email David Arnal at southern@locallygrown.net.